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From a mountain top to a hospital bed with a grapefruit size tumor in my chest. That was my cancer diagnosis. Everything changed in one week.


Cancer tries to take health, wellness, and life from us and our loved ones. It came for me after I came down from Mount Rainier. My sister after her daily run. My father after being in nature.


We believe action over fear and this is our act of rebellion against the emperor of all maladies. AXLETE is forged from this community and the belief to be active, that exercise is medicine, and to take action now. To do something about it now. We live and advocate for an active lifestyle. We support Axletes, Cancerletes, Trailblazers, and Rebels! This is our space for holistic health so we can always do what we love to do (lift, run, hike, bike, climb, swim, and play) - that is  to live an active and bold life.

Be The Rebel, Join The Rebellion!


Every year, there are over 1.8 million new cancer diagnoses and 600,000 deaths.

For the fighters, we know the toll of this disease and we know everyone is at risk.


Our aim is to spread awareness, educate, embolden and empower, and equip ourselves to defeat this monster.

We will do this through support, awareness, and funding.


""Cancer, the ultimate prize will be when we defeat you."

Dr. Jim Allison,

Cancer Researcher & Nobel Laureate


Climbers in Rock Wall


We take action. We are all athletes fighting for our vision and our life.

Desert Adventure


We live boldly. We live honestly, speak fearlessly, laugh loudly, and we live for the moments.

Together at the Top


We give back. We are in pursuit of equity and in uplifting our community. Think Global, Act Local.

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