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Supporting Our Cancer Journey

Family and friends have asked how to best support us, offering gift cards, meals, flights, and care packages. While we're grateful for all, the 3 most impactful ways to support Laura and I are:

1.  Support us directly by providing financial assistance to help us pay for medical and life expenses. You can help HERE.


2.  Donate to reputable cancer organizations that fund research for underfunded cancers directly in support of us or your loved ones. Most underfunded is Lung Cancer research. HERE for more information. Contact me below for specific organizations.

3.  Subscribe to and share AXLETE Raw-Blog and The Atypical Podcast to follow our story and many other Cancer Conquerors.

Emotional support, thoughts, prayers, love, positive energy, and virtual hugs (can't risk getting an infection) are welcomed and accepted with deep gratitude.

With all our love,

Abdi &  Laura

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